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About Us

Do you ever wonder about the mystery of food as you eat? Have you ever wondered where the scents, the colors, consistency of the food came from?
What mixtures made the dish so delicious?
I tell you, I did. I always had questions about food, its’ color, its’ taste, the smell, the how's? And the why's? different styles, different textures, and different ways of eating them. These beautiful tastes and colors always kept me guessing. 

Growing up in Sweden, I remember cooking everyday, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. As kids we would run to the garden and pick vegetables for the stews. Picking the right vegetables was the most challenging thing for me. Mom and Grandma would cook together with love and happiness, it is still like a dream to me. I watched them everyday, not knowing that cooking would be my passion, my life. I truly learned many tricks from mom and Grandma. They always cooked the most delicious dishes. So tasty, that my curiosity would kick in, and the questioning would began.Not to mention, when food was prepared and ready to be enjoyed, Dad, Uncles and brothers were always the critics. 

One day tragedy hit us hard, I lost my Mom and my grandmother within a year, and I  was responsible to take on that roll. I tried my best to cook like mom, used all the tricks mom and grandma would pop in the kitchen, made so many different dishes for my dad and siblings everyday. unit I felt comfortable enough to be the cook in the kitchen. I cooked dad his favorite dish, my brothers, their favorite dishes, and I would wait for them to say, OMG, it tastes just like moms food, and that's when I would feel that little tiny teeny Anita inside of me screaming we did it.We did Anita, we did it.

One day, I decided to cook everything my way, I would use grandma’s traditional recipes and mom’s spices and greens but add a mixture of my own. The dishes would come out unbelievable. Actually so good, that I didn’t want to share it with anyone. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat them, I would keep them in the fridge from excitement.
Then, I met my lovely husband, which was my best and the worst critic. He would always have a say in a dish.  Why not more spicy? why not sugar? why not more salt? why not this? and why not that? He drove me crazy. I thought I was perfect until he walked into my life. Not to mention, he became the best helper in the kitchen for me. Truly, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to cook with.


We cooked together, ate together, traveled the world, got all these crazy ideas from different countries, which we would bring home and fuse it with traditional Persian cuisine.


Our menu is a reflection of our stories, our travels and our present. We try to use as much local produce as we can, in hopes to support local farmers and provide you with the freshest food.

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